Book Promotion Application

Hey authors! It’s your Uncle Buck here, and I’ve been all about helping quality authors sell more books since our Buck Books launch in May of 2014!

To apply for a promotion, simply fill out the form below and you’ll be contacted within a matter of days with a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ by the Buck Books gatekeeper, Cherub. Yes, the person helping you sell books is literally named Cherub. The book marketing angels are on your side! 

But please, don’t expect to get accepted for a book promotion if:

  • Your book isn’t good, 
  • Your cover isn’t professional, 
  • Your book description has typos, it’s 23 pages long, and has no reviews. 

We want our subscribers to always feel like they are getting A LOT of value for the 99 cents they pay for books as well as the time they spend reading them. 
Note, there are now TWO different types of promotions available! You can sign up to be promoted in our regular daily deals broadcast alongside of 5-7 others, or you can sign up for a featured solo broadcast (we do this once per week), where we feature ONLY you or your book, series, or lead magnet to the Buck Books subscribers. 

The solo broadcast spots are VERY competitive, but don’t worry. If you are rejected you may still be eligible for a regular daily deals broadcast. 

Best of luck authors! We love you! (the real ones who have an actual respect for the sacred art of authorship and have done their best work)

P.S. – If you are looking for help creating profitable ads for your book or books, be sure to visit our sister site:

*A special note to high volume book factory publishers: If you “write” 10 books per month under a dozen pen names with awkward keyword titles like Declutter Habits Knitting Raised Bed Gardening Love Languages, you can save time by skipping the form below and using our express application. Simply wedge a high-powered hair dryer tightly between your upper thighs, move the power button to the ON position, and submerge yourself into a full bathtub. This will emit a signal directly to Cherub’s inbox, and he will not respond immediately, giving your query top priority.

Application Form

    Date range you'd like for the promotion

    What Type of Promotion?
    Daily Deals Broadcast with your book featured along with 6 others ($29)Solo Feature Broadcast that’s ONLY about you and your book(s) ($100)

    Type Of Feature Broadcast Promotion

    Type Of Promotion (We are not accepting free fiction at this time)
    99 CentsFree

    Is This A Countdown Deal?

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    Link to your book on Kindle

    My book meets the Promotion Requirements?Yes

    *Promotion Requirements: To have a chance to be featured at Buck Books, your book must be priced at 99 cents or less during your promotion, its listing on Kindle must show that it is at least 60 pages in length, you must have at least 10 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars or higher, your book description must be well-written and free of any major spelling or grammatical errors, and your book cover must be designed by a non-Fiverr professional designer.

    Please note: If we approve your book for a promotion spot you MUST drop the price by midnight Pacific Standard Time the eve of your promotion or risk having your title removed from our Broadcast. For example, if we feature you June 1st, your price must be dropped by midnight PST/3am EST June 1st. Please contact Amazon or your publisher to arrange this.
    I understand and agree with these terms.